Tuesday, February 24, 2009

True beauty...

I was spending a little quality time with a Smith & Wesson 22a, a Ruger 10/22, my snubbie, and my Taurus 1911 at a local indoor range this afternoon. The rifle was there since it's difficult to find a place to really train with a fighting rifle in a metro area as large as mine. The pistols were there because I've been carrying those two hanguns a lot lately. The plinkster was there because every handgunner needs to spend some time with a .22.

I started out with some rifle drills. Using the iron sights, I ran a target out to 25 yards with some 3x5 cards taped to it and practiced my target acquisition. After that, I did a little pure target shooting at 50 yards. The rest of my time was spent running the F.A.S.T. drill from Pistol Training. While I was shooting my 1911, one of the older gents in the next stall asked if my humble (but amazingly accurate and reliable) Taurus was "an old girl." Granted, it has a decent amount of wear from being both carried and shot a lot and some WWII grips on it, but very little else about it says "authentic." I told him about it and let him shoot it, which he really seemed to enjoy. Shortly after, he brought out a real GI with all of the appropriate government markings and a lanyard loop. After that, he showed me a Series 80 Gold Cup. I'm very much in lust for both of those guns (even if I couldn't use the front sight on either one).

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