Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Home Defense

My home defense philosophy is pretty simple. If I am at home and awake, I have a handgun on me and a shotgun by my nightstand. If the weather is cold, the chances are good that I'm carrying a Government-sized 1911. During the summer, I have to conceal a little more carefully. For me, that means a J-frame. Once I return home, the snubbie goes in the safe and I get out a 1911 or a Glock 17. Once it is time for sleep, the handguns go into a safe and the only readily available weapon is a shotgun. Usually, it's an 870. I have Benellis, but I've trained for so long with Remingtons that I see no reason to switch. Since we all know how reliable and versatile the 870 platform is, allow me to introduce the newest "beater" 870. It started out life about the same time as I did (e.g. the mid 70s). The stock and internals are all stock. I cut down the barrel and removed the Gawdawful Polychoke, added an old Choate mag extension from the parts box, replaced the mag spring with a Wilson Combat, added a TacStar sidesaddle, and will get about installing the fiber front sight today.

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