Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've been spending a lot of time on the range lately with my favorite .357s. I won't go on about how I grew up counting down the time until I could own my first revolver or about the legendary stopping power of the round. I'll just show you my 3 favorites. If you can't tell by the pictures, I am a fan of nickel or stainless wheelguns, Hogue grips, Smith&Wesson, and the .357.

S&W 19-5

This is the newest addition to my safe. Once I saw the shiny nickel finish, I knew I had to own it. Yes, I know it's not the coveted pinned and recessed Model 19, but it's still my Combat Magnum (of sorts). It's deadly accurate for a snubby and handles as well as some L-frames I have.

S&W Model 65-5

Something about this gun always screams "I am a weapon only for the serious." The 65s were carried by many such men before the wondernine and polymer revolutions. It's a gun that I still carry on occasion. The finish has seen better days and it does require more frequent checks than some other guns in the safe, but that extra time is more than worth spending on a gun that handles as this one does.

S&W 640-3

I raved about this gun before, but I couldn't let this post go by without including it. It is the holy grail of deep-concealment and backup guns. Plus, it matches.