Monday, February 23, 2009

Wish List

I would hate to live life without having a handgun, a rifle, and a shotgun. I suggest that anyone remotely interested in defending themselves have at least a handgun and either of the latter. I'm fortunate to have a few of each in plenty of different flavors. For handguns, I have some 1911s, plastic fantastic GLOCKs, some wheelguns, and a couple of .22s for training. As far as rifles, I have 22s, SKSs, an AR, and tons of old Mil-Surp bolt guns. For some reason, I've always had either pump-scatterguns and coach guns (that's a different post entirely).

Knowing that I don't need any more weapons and I should be spending my spare money on ammo, training, and other supplies has not stopped me from compiling a wish list. Here's where it stands for now:

1. Taurus Raging Bull in .44mag

It's a big black gun that shoots big loads and makes a big noise. If I had another gun in .44 I would have already purchased the Taurus because I hate having only one gun in any given caliber.

2. H&R Buffalo Classic in 45-70 gov't

I wanted this as soon as I held it. We don't hunt much buffalo in TN these days, but there are plenty of neighboring states that will let me hunt deer with this during their primitive weapon season. Plus, it's a 45-70, and that's just about as manly as the 7.62x54r.

3. RIA 1911

For the money, these appear to be the best deals going in the 1911 world. I never need a reason to buy another if the money is available.

4. Glock 21

I don't have one yet. I do have a decent stash of .45acp laying around, though.

Honorable mentions to the Marlin model 45 Camp Carbine, any good lever-action carbine in .38/.357, and any single shot in .223.

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