Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yes, I'm Metrotactical

I was listening to Breda and Caleb on Gun Nuts radio tonight and finally realized that there's a label for men that prefer to look fashionable while exercising their RKBA: Metrotactical. Being metro offers a host of advantages like an increased element of surprise, better luck with the ladies, and the the lovely look of surprise on the face of of your roomie when he discovers just how well your Government-sized 1911 was hidden. The downside is that shopping becomes even more of a chore than it was before, because you have to take the largest gun you'll try to conceal and your BUG to the mall (which, given the malls in my town, is standard anyway). Shoes that look good must also be tested for grip and support. Belts? That will wind up with its own post soon.

Just be aware that not all gunnies wear cargos, boots, and a team GLOCK shirt. Better yet.... never mind.

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