Monday, March 30, 2009

Revolver Range Day

I took my trusty S&W 640 and the NAA Mini out to the range today for some wheelgun practice and to print some "groups." As always, the 640 was more than adequate for most combat distances with a few cylinders full of full-house .357 loads and a few more of some tame .38sp.

What surprised me most was the accuracy I was able to get with the NAA on my first attempt. With the exception of a few fliers that were obviously my fault, the little revolver was capable of keeping it inside the 8 ring of a silhouette target with all of the high-velocity HPs I put through it. The trick, I found, is to grip the weapon with the thumb and first two fingers of my strong hand while cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger with the thumb and index finger of my weak hand. As small as it might be, it's a real-deal, well made firearm that I'll be happy to keep in my pocket, sock, or belly band as a backup gun.

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