Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the Oakland shootings...


-Lovelle Mixon had been arrested and imprisoned for a gun crime by the age of 20.
-He was out on parole.


-He shot 5 Oakland PD officers. 3 dead, one nearly dead.
-He used a rifle resembling an AK and a handgun.

Follow me, everyone. What we witnessed in Oakland was a tragedy. Without even mentioning the public's reaction at the crime scene, most of us will agree that this shouldn't have happened. What most of us will not agree on is that this is not a legislative failure, but a failure of law enforcement and the prison system. He was a criminal, he was released and not rehabilitated, and there was a failure on the part of law enforcement.


Enforce the laws and stop harassing the gun owners. I'll be off blaming Russia for the weapons problems in California. That kind of shell game seems to be working pretty well for the ruling class in D.C.

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