Monday, April 6, 2009

What else can we legislate to make our world a better place?

Following the logic of banning or restricting use of the tool to prevent the crime.....

Let's see, we can severely restrict car ownership because people might go out and drink to much, which would impair their judgment and allow them to create a dangerous situation for innocent people. That would never work. The government has invested far too much money in the American auto industry for that to work.

We could ban hands, which would keep people like Chris Brown from hitting others. No, that wouldn't work, either.

Oh, I know... We could restrict the use of penises to curtail rape. (warning... bad pun ahead) After all, it's the tool and not the criminal.

I know it's not a crime, but obesity could easily be cured by restricting the use of utensils... After all, if the tools aren't available, the people obsessed with eating couldn't possibly find a way to get food into their mouths, right?


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