Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wanna know why I'm unpopular?

Because I say things like this...

In light of the recent and very public shootings, I have this to offer:

Freedom comes at a cost. That cost is security.

As long as we are a nation of free men and women, things like this will happen. The proper response is to prepare yourself for events like these instead of whining to politicos to "Stop the madness." As long as we are (in my judgment) the kind of Americans that truly cherish freedom, we should accept that there is an inherent danger in it and accept the responsibility for our own personal safety.

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  1. I'm told, I don't need to carry - I live in a small rural town in the heartland. Part of what I do within my professional life is to be able to work in the absence of absolute certainty. That applies to all things. There is no perfectly safe place, town or country. There never will be.